Leen Isabel (leenisabel) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Leen Isabel

Leaking + Heavy Periods

Hi everyone. Thank you for your help last month. Another month, another period and I have some new questions this time around.

BG info: 28, no children, 5'3" Last month, after my first run w/ the Divacup, I was alarmed by the amount of liquid I produced in one period and decided to see my doctor. Turns out I am both anemic and hypoglycemic. (The measurements on the cup were so helpful!) Currently adjusting diet & taking iron to remedy the problem.

After my quest for a larger capacity cup that was firmer for sport use, I settled on the Yuuki Firm. I bought both sizes intending to use the larger one on my heavier days. Yesterday, I wore the Yuuki Lrg all day and was fine albeit a little crampy. By evening, my flow became considerably heavier and between 6 p.m. and 12 p.m. I managed to fill the cup to overflowing 3 times.  My cramps developed and suddenly the cup became too uncomfortable to wear. I experienced soreness and pain throughout the night and had leaking twice. I decided to switch back to the small Yuuki and the cramps went away.

Now, with both Yuukis, I still experienced leaking and spotting even on previous lighter days. Do you think this is due to the small holes? I noticed that they are smaller than the DivaCup. They do seem clogged upon removal more often than the DivaCup. Will enlarging the holes help considerably w/ leaking or is it mainly for easier removal? (I noticed spotting even w/ the cup wasn't full.)

After my horrible night, I went back to wearing the Small Yuuki, had leakage and then switched back to the DivaCup this morning. The softer body is definitely more comfortable but now I think I'm leaking on the outside of the cup. (Which is something I didn't experience last month with it.) After so much leaking, will having residual liquid on your vaginal walls cause the cup to not have a proper seal? I don't recall hitting my cervix with the cup or it going past it. The only difference this month is that I did cut the stems off completely from all my cups as they were really uncomfortable.

So, considering my extremely heavy flow, I'm still on a quest for a larger capacity cup but the firm Yuuki is simply too much. I feel like it's just simply too large but the capacity was amazing. Any petite-bodied, heavy flow people have experience on this? I'm not sure if my leaking is due to cup size, firmness or the hole size. But I definitely need something large.

I would love to hear from anyone who has used the Large Cuplee, or Natural Mamma or Normal Yuuki (What's the number rating on stiffness of the Normal Yuuki?)

Tags: divacup, heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting, yuuki
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