ginny587 (ginny587) wrote in menstrual_cups,

From long cups to short cups

Hi all,
I had a few wonderful cycles with a Naturalmamma cup that worked perfectly, and a Diva for my lighter days (less width at the bottom). Last month my cervix decided that instead of moving up beyond my reach like it had been doing, it would move down to only 50mm in. My Diva is not usable since the cup with stem trimmed off now pokes out and my Naturalmamma's stem (which I depend on for removal) is out while the bottom of the cup is against my bone instead of above it. I'm giving it another month to see if this is a permanent trend or a two time fluke, but I suspect a shorter cup might be more comfortable (there is a ton of cramping this time around that I don't normally get-can't tell if it's a too long cup or just my uterus having angries).
AND THE POINT! I'm eyeballing a L Sckoon, L Lunette, or L Fleurcup. Fleurcup's capacity looks awesome, but both it and the Lunette are on the very wide side of the chart. Do these guys fold easily? I know once I get it in it should be OK since those muscles are made to be super stretchy and pliable, I'm just concerned about insertion/removal since my hymen is still there and makes dealing with something as wide as the Natrualmamma a bit of a fight. Thoughts?
Tags: fleurcup, hymen, lunette, sckoon
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