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buying issues

hello everyone,

WOW it's been a long time since i've logged into my LJ account! i'm a first-timer and i'm really excited to buy my first cup! i've literally been running around the house yelling "menstrual cup" at my boyfriend for the last 12 hours.

i would love to hear your opinions because, despite having done some research, i really have no idea what i'm doing or which cup would suit me best.

- 24 y/o
- never pregnant
- very tall + thin
- first two days are heavy flow (1 super plus every 2-2.5 hours, but i'm frequently oversaturating them in that time, like saturation down the string, sorry for the tmi) and almost annoyingly light at the end of my cycle
- sometimes sexually active
- comfortable putting shit in my vagina
- my cervix positioning is at 2.75 inches right now and it's been three days since my period
- comfort is huge so i'm aiming for a soft cup, but also hoping for a manageable first cup
- worried about leaks because of my ridiculous waterfall vagina for the first two days

i'm really interested in the sckoon large (+++) and the meluna large (maybe) but i would love your thoughts! also, do you guys find you need to carry lube/hand sanitizer around with you when you know you'll be in a public bathroom emptying/reinserting? is there anything else i should buy specifically for this thing, like its own sterilization mug or anything? i'm making a shopping list! thanks! :)
Tags: buying decisions, sckoon
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