tulipan8 (tulipan8) wrote in menstrual_cups,

removing cup very difficult

Hi all,
I am new to menstrual cups. I've decided to get a Fleurcup size large.
I had a dry run with no problem inserting the cup but removal...?
When I inserted it the tip was at the very base of the vagina. I walked around for a few minutes and thought it was time to remove it but the cup has moved up so high I could just feel the base of the stem, I wasn't able to grab it enough. I tried everything, relaxing, pushing down, etc. When I managed to grab hold of the end and pulled really hard, before I could reach the base of the cup (broke my nails) but when I squeezed the base I wasn't able to break the seal so the cup moved back high again. It was like some invisible force is sucking the cup up and out of reach. It was so high up, there was no way of getting 2 fingers in to grab it.
After about an hour I managed to get to the rim and break the seal that way, still removing was difficult and the cup had blood on it from the ordeal.
Did I get the wrong size? Can anyone suggest another brand? Do I need something softer or firmer? Smaller or larger?

I have not given birth, I'm 45 and have very heavy periods. I'm slim built, taller than average, swim on a regular basis but no other exercise. Not aware of pelvic floor problems.
Thank you in advance for helping.
Tags: fleurcup, removal, seal & suction
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