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Went from M to XL. Is it too large this time?

I am new on this board.
A few months ago I bought my first cup: a Meluna classic size M. I have been pregnant twice but had a cesaerian both times. I am not really sportive and normaly build, so I assumed a size M would be ok.
The Meluna M has a capacity of 28ml and I started spotting already after 1,5 hours of use. When I took it out the cup was completely full. 1,5 hours later the same happened. I have a very heavy flood so. Second problem as that it as really hard to get it out. No the breaking of the seal, but actually grabbing the ring. I had to push it out and it took an eternity. I think that means I have a high cervix? (Or extremely short fingers ;-) )
So I wanted a new cup with a higher capacity and higher dimensions. I ordered a Meluna Classic XL. The capacity is good (42ml); I can leave it in for a couple of hours, perfect. And I can easily grab it. I was very happy. During one period, sight. Because the second period with the new cup I noticed twice I was leaking when the cup wasn't full. It just didn't open. Beside that I can hardly pee when I have the cup in. I need to take it off because there is only this very fine, hard stream (sorry for the plastic description). The cup pushes against my urethra. I am very afraid of an infection.
Since the cup pushes against my urethra and it doesn't unfold, is it possible its diameter is too large? The M had a diameter of 41mm and this XL is 47mm.
In case the XL is indeed too large, can I find a cup that has a large capacity and is still long enough to grab it (or should I rather go for another brand that has a longer stem?) but is less wide?
Tags: heavy blood flow, meluna, urination
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