perigrine (perigrine) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Yuuki size 2

I accidentally managed to buy a Yuuki cup from eBay a few weeks ago and I am using it this cycle. I'm pleased to report, that, even though it is much stiffer than my previous cups, a generic 'menstrual' cup and the Jasmine, the Yuuki seems to work better for me, especially at night time. I haven't have any laying down leakages with the Yuuki - and I wore it overnight while away even. It is a bit harder to fold to get it in though, being stiffer, but I think that very stiffness is what makes it not collapse or whatever the softer cups do when I am laying down. It is marginally bigger all over, which I thought would cause me grief, but that doesn't seem to be a bother. Where the other two cups were starting to feel irritating up the top of my vag during a period, the Yuuki hasn't - I'm wondering if it fits better all round, and doesn't move enough to irritate.

I'm rather pleased with this accidental purchase. :)
Tags: yuuki

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