divagirl98 (divagirl98) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Getting a bit sore down there o.0

So far I'm seriously happy with my Diva Cup. No leaks, it's super comfortable... and for the first time in my life I actually forgot it was only day 2 and not day 5 LOL. However, my main issue atm is the pain I'm getting when I take it out and reinsert.

It's been a few days since I got my period and started using it, and removal's been okay, but I still have issues getting my fingers in there to grab the thing. For some reason my perianal region seems to be super sensitive, so while sticking my thumb down the front wall of the vag is perfectly okay for me (ie how I've been breaking the suction... instead of my index finger I'm using my thumb), I can't grasp the other side so easily to get a grip on the base. I'd try it from either side instead of the back and front, but that kinda hurts too... I feel like I'm more able to stretch front to back than side to side.

As a result, removal's been a bit of a pain and my perianal region is super irritated... on insertion, I feel a slight pain around the opening (nothing too serious though) and a little pain on the inside (probably from the suction and trying to push the thing as far down as possible to grab it without irritating the back wall of my vag.

Is there anything I can do to ease this process and prevent the pain and irritation?

Also I have a slight fear of damaging something should I accidentally knock the cup against my cervix or pull too hard when the suction isn't broken... Can any of that actually happen, or do you know?

PS. As a side note, is it normal for it to change the pressure level when you pee, so instead of a strong stream it's a little weaker? I've noticed this happening from time to time when I use the cup.
Tags: divacup, removal, seal & suction
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