Marie Intarnette (ladylynx) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Marie Intarnette

Second month on Meluna XL Classic. This time I got to go through my whole period instead of the end of it. As I've said previously, I have a small fibroid that causes heavy bleeding and clotting. And pads were giving me a rash, so that's why I turn the Meluna.

Anywayyyyyyyyy, :D it seems that I had no cramps for this period at all! I was given high dose ibuprofen to take since I complained to my gyn about my cramps, but I haven't had to take even one pill from my prescription. The bottle is just sitting there.

I also notice I'm bleeding lighter. It leads me to believe the chemicals in my pad may have been causing part of the issue. So I had one big clot in my cup one day, but otherwise the cup was only getting maybe half full for the most.

Another thing is, I've come to realize that on days I have spotting, sometimes the cup does feel too big. I'm spotting today and I'm okay. I had noticed maybe a few weeks back there was maybe only one day it felt too big, so I'm thinking maybe I go one size smaller for those particular days? Or maybe I go stylish with a completely different brand?

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