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Update/Advice needed!

Hi, guys! I just thought I'd pop in to update y'all on how things are going with my menstrual cup. I purchased a Diva cup (size 1) back in May and initially had issues with removal. That was also a dry run. I'm glad I did it since it got me used to the kind of control I'd need to exert, but like many say here, on your period it's a different game.

My cycles in general have been extremely whacked out for about a year, so I've only had two periods since May and they were drastically different from each other. The first one after purchasing my menstrual cup was what I'd call a light flow, and for whatever reason I was just really dried out. It made it really hard to deal with the cup. A few days into my period, I couldn't even get it inserted, no matter what I tried, and it hurt like hell. So I ragequit and went back to tampons for the remainder of the week (sigh).

My next cycle was several weeks ago. I used my cup throughout and LOVED it, with minimal problems. This period was also more along the lines of "normal" for me -- super super heavy for 3-4 days, then relatively light for 3-4 days. Minor issues I had were getting it to pop open and not collapsing, but I've since figured out how to coax it into behaving and not collapsing on (in? lol) me.

The one big problem though, was that the first few days were so heavy that within 3-4 hours of insertion, I was leaking. But it wasn't just leaking. Oh, no. Of course it can't be so simple. It was pretty much a river. I'm talking a pretty full super Always pad, a full (overflowing) cup, and plenty following behind once the cup was out. I'm used to this just by virtue of it being life in general for me, but I'd like to get a few more hours' mileage before having to dart to a bathroom to deal with business. I'm a full time graduate student with teaching responsibilities, so I need to be able to go at least 5-6 hours without flying into a panic that I've possibly bled through my clothes. And even if I'm in my office, I can't be getting up every hour or two, otherwise I'd get nothing done.

It is absolutely fine after those initial heavy days, though. No leaking whatsoever, and it steadily would go from half full to almost nothing.

Sooo, I want to buy another cup. I need a higher capacity to get through the heavy days. I wanted to check in with you guys for recommendations, though. I was going to just get the size 2 Diva cup since I really like my Diva, but I'm not totally convinced that it'd do the job for me. My cervix does ride high, period or not, and I leave the Diva cup's stem fully intact (I don't even want to think about attempting to remove it without) and it absolutely does not bother me. I bike to campus every day and I still feel nothing.



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