planetunity (planetunity) wrote in menstrual_cups,

first time user of the sckoon cup

hello to all. I was hoping some of you can help me with this issue. this is my first cycle using a sckoon cup and only my second cycle using menstrual cups. I got the wrong size the first time and experienced leaks. I bought the sckoon size 2 this time and the first time I put it in I didn't get any leaks accept for maybe residual blood. when I took it outlater that day to empty it and put it back in it started to leak and no matter where I positioned it it leaked. i make sure that its all the way open every time but it keeps leaking more than the residual blood.Ill put the cup in and check it 30 minutes later and im leaking but when I empty it its barely passed the flower design at the base. not sure what im doing wrong at all. I can easily reach my cervix and I was told sckoon was for shorter I said im new to this and i know its different than putting in a tampon so with time and patience im sure ill get it, but im just a little frustrated. how long did it take some of you to figure out what your were doing wrong before the leaks stopped?
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