Eireinn (eireinn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Wooo new cup!

I've posted before about needing a larger capacity cup than my medium Meluna, and I ended up buying a large Fleurcup. My period is just starting, and I'm super excited to get to try it out!

It's very different to insert than my Meluna. I'm used to using a diamond fold and coaxing my cup open, but the Fleur seems to want to pop open entirely of its own volition, and a punchdown fold seems to be working for me. At first it felt pretty big, but I felt that way about the Meluna when I first got it and now that seems normal, so I'm sure this will too soon enough.

I'm off to bed, so I'll get to see in the morning if it's going to last me through the night better than my smaller cup has the last few months.
Tags: fleurcup, meluna
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