"Call me what you like, as long as it's profane" (bathedinshadow) wrote in menstrual_cups,
"Call me what you like, as long as it's profane"

Newbie - should I stick with this cup or try another?

So I've been reading through this for hours.  Lots of information and so many different cups.

I decided to try a menstrual cup a few weeks ago for several reasons.  But as many newbies, I'm having a struggle.

First some, if too much, information on me:  I'm 33 and a non-virgin.  With that said, I'm a lesbian and haven't been with a man in 12-13 years.  I also don't use toys for sex.  I'm mentioning this because I'm very small.  If I'm not in the full forces of being on my period, inserting a tampon is very difficult.  I also have to use an applicator as it's smoother and goes in easier.  I'd use teen tampons if they made them in the brand I use.  Over the last year or so, I've been experiencing pain when inserting tampons.  I feel like my insides are being torn apart.  In fact, my last pap, took 3 doctors to get.  Granted, the first two were GP's.  They were extremely painful and they never got a proper swab.  They finally referred me to a Gyno, who didn't seem to have much of an issue.  This is really what provoked the thought of using a cup as it has no rough edges at all.  But I was concerned with the size and being able to insert it.  Again, two fingers even is a bit much for me.  I can do it, but sometimes it's more difficult than others.

So, I did a little research before purchasing, but probably could have done more.  I went with the MCUK in the small size.  I have very light periods so capacity isn't an issue.  I had heard this opened easy enough and was weary of the "slapping" experience that my friend speaks of.  She won't go near her cup anymore.  So I tried inserting it as a dry run, but honestly, that simply won't happen unless I get lubricant or do it whilst aroused, which would be awkward.  Today I started my period though and gave it a shot.  I had already tried several times, so I already found a fold that would most likely work (the smallest fold I could manage).  Since I'm unable to insert the cup with two fingers at once combined with the cup size, I kind of had to coax it up.  As you know, the MCUK has quite a stem on it. I didn't cut it because I didn't want to cut it too short.  But at this point, it's sticking out quite a bit.  It's not overly comfortable.  I can't tell if it's just due to the stem, or if it's more than that.  I also don't have the means to cut it right now as I'm in a hotel traveling.  But I'm not sure if I've inserted it far enough.  It feels like it's fully open, but I can't imagine it's in far enough?  I don't know how to tell.  Apart from that, it is also making me feel as though I have to pee and I know I don't.

It was also painful getting it to open up.  Like it felt like the rim was digging into me.  I don't know if I should keep trying with this cup or go for a softer cup?  Maybe a shorter cup?  Or maybe I'm just not getting it in far enough?

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