tofusaurus1 (tofusaurus1) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Newbie needs advice :P

Hi all! I've been using this community for tips and tricks as I adjust to menstrual cups, and now I have to appeal to you for help!

I'm a new Diva Cup user. My decision to get the Diva Cup was only semi-informed; the women I know who use menstrual cups all use Divas (I think they're most common in the US?), and I did enough reading and measurements to know that, length-wise, it would fit. I bought Model 1, as I am 23, non-virgin, no children. The length doesn't seem to be a problem, I trimmed the stem a smidge and it fits quite comfortably and is easy to remove. However, it veers WAY off to the left, probably because of my cervix's location.

I'm having issues with leaking and achieving suction. I know that sparse spotting is due to residual blood in the vagina, but what I'm experiencing is more like "Gushing torrents of untamed moonblood, coming to reap vengeance upon your friends, family, and linens." I've twice achieved a seal, where the cup way fully-inflated all the way around. In these instances, I had only resididual spotting. Most of my attempts result in the cup being compressed on one or both sides, but I'm unable to "rotate 360 degrees" like the instruction manual says. The bottom of the cup just twists up on itself which the body of the cup goes nowhere. This leads to a LOT of blood coming through :/ I'm honestly not sure how I managed to get the cup right the other two times.

Any advice on better methods for achieving inflation?

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