jeiiyfish (jeiiyfish) wrote in menstrual_cups,

How the heck do you turn it?

I keep seeing where people say to turn or twist the cup after inserting to make sure you have a seal. I don't see how this is possible! I can't get two fingers in there to save my life; to get it out I have to use the stem until the bottom is outside of me then pinch it. It hurts to get one finger in there with the cup! Am I just small? Tampons hurt and I always(read: every single time) bleed a little after sex and it always hurts alot going in for just a second.(my gyno does sti tests yearly at annual appt I'm always negative. so that's not why it hurts. She says everything looks normal).

If I twist the stem, it just keeps twisting because it is soft but the cup doesn't twist. I have a small lunette. I am 22 and have never given birth. My flow is extremely heavy though; it makes me anemic. Should I just force finger and thumb in to try and twist it? I don't even know if I can without it hurting too much. And if I do get them in how the heck do I open them wide enough to grip the cup?

I really like the idea of cups but maybe I'm just not meant to use them. I chose the small lunette because it is supposed to hold a lot while still being pretty small; on my 2 heavy days I soak super tampons in a couple hours. =[

Ooh second question: I have a really hard time breaking the seal when getting it out. It hurts to get it out. Would a softer cup be easier to break the seal of?

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