brianad6 (brianad6) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Whats in my cup?

Hi! I've been coming to this community on and off for a few years and am now finally posting! I'm wondering about the "layers" in my cup.

Backstory: I had been using a divacup and stopped for a while to switch to reusable cloth pads+instead cups because they are less painful for me to insert. I just tried out the the femmycycle cup today, which I loved! I always leaked with the divacup but not this one, plus the ring makes it easy to remove-none spilled when I took it out!

My question is this: when I pulled it out, on top of the dark scarlet blood there was a clear/light red liquid. I remember having a little of this on top with the divacup when I pulled it out perfectly (but the blood always got all over or immediately dumped out when I removed it so it was hard to tell). I was brave enough to show my fiance who thought it was for sure urine, but I don't see how that could be anatomically possible. Is it plasma? Does anyone else notice layers in their blood?
Tags: femmycycle
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