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Moldy Mooncup--should I buy a new one and if so, which brands can I trust?

Glad to have found a place where people discuss menstrual cups outside of the context of selling them! I can't seem to find any information about at least *some* of these concerns.....

I accidentally left my mooncup (UK) under a damp glass in my bathroom and it developed some black marks I assume were mould. I cleaned the marks off, boiled it twice and sterilised it with a sterilising tablet, and I did use it after this, perhaps foolishly, as since then have had two occurences of thrush-like symptoms in the space of a month. Is it safe to use a mooncup after it has had mould on it, even if it has been cleaned?

I'm happy to buy a new one, as I fear that after a few years of trouble-free use it has recently became unlucky somehow--over the past few months I seem to have had thrush following my period more often than not, although this was happening before the mould episode. There is NO WAY I'm going back to tampons and towels.

I had no idea how many different types of menstrual cup are out there, and perhaps I would like a change-there are certainly things i dislike about the mooncup, in particular cleaning the unnecessary web address branding inside the rim. Whatever I buy I would definitely want it to be medical grade silicone, and I'm wondering what laws (if any) regulate what the various brands naming their materials as such. Are there any phrases to look out for that imply silicone is safe, proper silicone when it is actually a mix of things? The ladycup site says they use silicone rubber, so I assume that is a mix. Has anyone flame tested any menstrual cups pertaining to be pure silicone? I wish I had the stem I cut off my mooncup to see what happens.

If menstrual cups made from silicone are non-porous, why are they known to become stained?

Mooncup.co.uk argues that coloured mooncups potentially pose health risks, which seems odd since there are lots of silicone products out there reputed to be safe and it's rare for them to be colourless. I suppose I'd rather be on the safe side but I've often wondered why menstrual cups couldn't look less clinical...well, it turns out there are in fact all sorts of colours, but can this be trusted?

Any help with these questions or pointers to prior discussions along these lines greatly appreciated.
Tags: buying decisions, cleaning, coloured lady cups, health risks, mooncup (uk), yeast infections

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