Ellias Ashland (windsangel15) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Ellias Ashland

First time struggles with MeLuna

I recently bought two MeLunas (Medium Classics, one Regular with stem and one Mini with ring) and I'm having some issues. When I tried a dry run, I had A LOT of issues inserting, removing, and with cramps. I've noticed it's a lot easier to insert now that I'm menstruating, but I'm still having some issues:

  • I can't get the cup out without a string. I can't grip it well enough or break the seal. It gets pretty far in there where I can just reach it, but it takes me almost half an hour to get it down far enough and to pull it out (almost ripping my nails off in the process). I'm only using the mini for right now since it has a ring and I can pull it out with a string. I tore something during my last dry run because it really didn't want to come out.

  • I think it might be leaking. My period is really heavy right now so I'm not sure.

  • Either way, it's not opening to a circle. It's kinda oval shaped, from what I can tell. I think this is normal, but I'm not sure. I figured it was worth mentioning. I haven't noticed a pop or anything to tell me it's definitely open.

  • It's giving me horrible cramps. I don't even usually have noticeable cramps. They're almost unbearable, and some of them almost make me cry out in pain.

Could my cups be too big for me? I'm 20 years old, not a virgin, not abnormally active, and apparently have a high cervix because I've only ever found it once waaaay in there, lol. I have to be doing something wrong. I'm determined to figure this out though:) Any help is greatly appreciated! 
Tags: cramps, insertion - painful or problems, meluna, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction

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