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Bleeding and pain with a dry run

I just bought my first menstrual cup after advice from my mom and friends who use them. I bought a lady cup after finding it was usually considered the smallest and I am afraid of big things going inside of me (ie, did not even really like to use tampons). My friends recommended I do a couple of dry runs using water based lubricant when I wasn't stressed out from my period. Turns out this was good advice because now trying to figure out how to use this cup stresses me out. I have had success getting it in using the 7 fold, the triangle fold, and the punch in fold. The problem is that sometimes when I get it in I get a severe pinching pain and feel the need to take it right out. Taking it out is also painful whether or not the pain was present when it was in. Taking it out often causes a pinching pain when the rim of the cup reaches the outer area of the vagina. While the pain sucks, I am more concerned about the bleeding it causes. Every time I have taken it out it has blood on it, and I am not currently on my period. I used a small mirror to look down there and the blood is coming from what looks like a split in the tissue just below the vagina. Based on my own internet research it doesn't appear to me that it is the hymen that is bleeding but rather a split in the inner lips. Has anyone heard of this happening or am I simply tearing my hymen and confusing my anatomy. Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent this from occurring since it is kind of scary and quite painful? Additional information: I am 20, a virgin, and over all pretty familier with my downstairs anatomy
Tags: hymen, insertion - painful or problems, removal - painful or problems

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