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So im a virgin and plan to stay that way till marriage, and this might sound kinda stupid but I don't really wanna insert anything bigger than the average penis width(or diameter I guess is more accurate--just how big like around it is)till after im married and having sex...so I was just wondering how cups compare to penis size? Like I have a small diva now and I was thinking about maybe trying a large fleurcup and xl meluna but idk about the size of them for this reason(and also I just generally am not quite sure it'll fit, but that isn't too big a concern lol)
darkanddusty on August 17th, 2013 04:03 am (UTC)
Echoing what the first two comments said about penis size varying.

But, for the sake of anecdotes... I have a small Divacup, too, and to date have had four different penises inside me (is there a weirder way to word that, lol). I'd say one was slightly wider than the cup, and the other three were about the same width or slightly smaller.

Keep in mind that inserting a penis and inserting a cup are pretty different, though. Assuming you're turned on during sex, and not while inserting your cup, the penis is probably going to be much easier. I was having sex before I started using a cup, and I don't feel like sex stretched me out and made cup insertion any easier, personally.