idlevic (idlevic) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Meluna small disappeared way up high! Advice for longer cup, please


I used my meluna for the first time today, insertion went pretty well for first try, and comfort=bliss! I checked seal after an hour and bottom of cup had already disappeared, I guess a good centimetre above vagina entrance - could only just get my finger on ball.

So, I have eventually managed to get it out - bit of a yank job rather than the "pinch to release"...

Am I right in thinking the small is too short for me? Any advice on how much longer it needs to be? I bought a medium meluna with ball at the same time in a starter pack - is it likely that will be long enough? I haven't opened the packet yet, so that's why I'm asking for advice. Or shall I just go for the fleurcup with it's long stem, though it has 1mm shorter body than meluna medium?

I don't think going a lot wider than 40mm or so will work for me, so I think those two seem the best choices.


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