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My amazing SckoonCUP!!!

Hello all!
Ok like all of you I have lurked and worried and fretted about cervix position and length and width and the fact that I am petite and all of it and then decided to get a Sckoon cup as my first cup (the small one, I am 31 and have no children). I chose Sckoon cup as I liked the fact it didn't have a ridge so no seems and the fact that it seemed a more anatomical shape. I went for clear to eliminate any very remote possible future side effect from adding a colouring (and a chemical to bind it to the silicone) to a cup, even though they are 'safe' I always err on the side of caution.

BAD NEWS FIRST - then the good stuff.
So I got it and glared and it and wondered how-on-earth and then my period came. 'First-time-lucky' it went in without a hitch popped open, couldn't feel it, and I thought what was all the fuss about....THEN...I left it 2 hours and thought it was fab until I pulled my knees to my chest as usual on the sofa and I felt a leak! I ran to the loo and I HAD! So I removed it quite easily despite my anxieties (doing the usual bearing down for a couple of pushes and wiggling it out that I had read about), there was not a lot in it probably because it had leaked. Anyway it was NOT second/third/fourth time lucky, I struggled with it, it wouldn't pop open, I tried all different types of folds to no avail, I argued with it and thought I had got it in right until I went out and it leaked and I tried again and couldn't fix it so I switched to a tampon cursed the cup and thought I will try again later. That evening I put it in and went to bed with it and took it out an hour later as I didn't trust it - so I switched to a pad and thought start fresh the next day.

The next day...
It was like everything just clicked! And then i realised that the instructions that came with the cup were actually not very helpful, the diagram shows the cup being released quite a way into the vagina and this I found was just not possible. So I would like to give you all my version of 'HOW-TO-INSERT' the Sckoon cup (if worked for me and might for you if you are struggling).

Keep your nails short! Ok so I reverted to a C fold, this is the best for the cup in my opinion and is recommended in the instructions. So I fold the cup in a C fold, use my free hand to part the opening slightly and holding the cup between my thumb and finger insert it only pushing it in about an inch to an inch and a half! Let it go and it pops open EVERY time :D At this point the bottom of the cup (the bit you would pinch) is sitting at the entrance and you can do a 360 degree spin to ensure it is open fully (which is nigh on impossible if you put it in any further!). The next step is to push it into position and to do this pretend you are stirring a cup of tea, [yes i want you to get your hand right now and stir an imaginary cup of tea! That is the motion you will need]. So holding gently onto the base 'stir that cup of tea' and push slowly and wiggle it up there. Mine seems to get over the pelvis and then sits itself down in a natural hollow which is useful.

Good news :)
Since day 2 of my period I have had NO LEAKS at all, can't feel it at all, easy to insert and to remove and no period odour, no leaks at night. I even was on a 3 day first aid course being pulled into recovery positions and re-enacting scenarios and no leaking what so ever! Feels like I have been using it all my life and I have only used it for one cycle! Oooo also saved £££'s on not buying tampons.

Other good points :D
1) I only had to empty it once in the morning and once at night as I am only REALLY heavy day 1 and that got messed up as you know, so I will probably have to empty it in the middle of the day on day 1? I will let you know how it goes.
2) Because it is silicone it slides in and out without any discomfort! No more half filled tampons that hurt on the way out because they are a little dry...
3) Didn't have to buy night time pads (just popped in a panty liner just in case).

I maybe had to pee a little more frequently, but then I do this if I am wearing a tampon anyway.
Can't think of any others!!!

All in all I am SO HAPPY and have been trying to convince friends and family that they are NOT gross and to give them a try. I would never have thought I would love it as much as I do but yeh totally worth it. NOT AS SCARY AS YOU THINK :)
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