love4autumn (love4autumn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

ridges bother me

I asked this a while ago but I'm going to ask again since I didn't really go into details on what I want. I currently have a Large Lunette cup. I love it but the last time i used it I ran with it in and it chafed me horribly... and gave me a bit of an infection. Now I'm scared to use it again. I would like to buy a new cup WITHOUT any kind of ridges on the bottom. I would also like for it to be soft around the rim if possible because the Lunette pushes on my bladder quite a bit. My problem is I live in Indiana and I woudl only like to purchase from the distributor... so I woudl like to know what some of the brands are that fit my description that are available to ship to Indiana. I like the shecup... but I don't quite understand how to order from directly them. Are there any other brands out there other than Shecup, Si-Belle, Mami, and the old Meluna (which i don't think they have anymore... the new ones have ridges.)that are available in USA and don't have ridges and aren't too firm.
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