jpickner (jpickner) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Is my MeLuna defective?

Okay, so I have already posted about how much of a struggle it has been for me to coax the cup "open" post insertion and the prevailing (almost unanimous) response was that this was a case of first time user error. However, I'm on day two of non-dry use and I had my first bit of leakage, so I removed the cup in order to better place it (as I assumed I had done so incorrectly) and even after I fully removed the cup (which I found to still be slightly folded in at the rim) it STILL didn't pop open. Outside of my vagina with nothing compressing it! I had to manual open it up. It's suppose to be in the style classic but it seems INCREDIBLY soft and pliable with very little 'spring' to it. I have a hard time imagining that a softer model actually exists. I'm starting to think I got a softer than normal classic? I also think my cervix may be high. I hadn't a clue how to check so I wasn't sure where I stood in that regard, but when it comes time to remove the cup it's relatively difficult to "reach". I'm just not sure if I ought to try a different cup next time of if I need to give it more time to figure this whole cup thing out.

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