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First Time Using Keeper INC USA Mooncup, Dryness Issue, Advice?

Hello, first of all, nice to meet everyone, it's my first time posting here, my name is Haylee!

I'm on my period right now, and I'm using my cup for the first time. I'm using the Keeper Inc, USA version Mooncup. It's holding everything well, and it's not leaking, which is a huge relief, and I can put it in and take it out, but, I can feel it in there and I feel really dry and chaffed, is this normal, or, is there something I can do about it? I'm wondering if I'm not getting it in high enough. I have short fingers so it comes unfolded easy. When I put it in, the bottom of the cup is right behind my inner labia, is this too low? Any advice would be great, it's working fantastic I just want it to be a bit more comfortable, thanks! :)
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