ameliaroze (ameliaroze) wrote in menstrual_cups,


This is a very emotional post, I am overtired and a tornado went through my fathers farm and I have an minorly injured horse I am over reacting to.
I am so frustrated and sore I could throw my Keeper Cup away. It takes 30min to an hour for me to get the cup in and out, I don't have time for that. It hurts SO bad coming out most of the time. I sometime am able to fold it out without pain. I have torn my hymen which hurt so bad and bled a lot. It is unpleasant putting it back in. My vagina is sore from taking the cup in and out everyday I have a pad on. Oh and the cup has leaked and caused messes. The plastic takes on the horrible sent of old blood which is not easy to get rid of. The suction is strong and hard to break it feels like I could pull something out, yet it will leak.

I'm sure I need a new cup, I am not giving up but am at a ver frustrated point. I want my cup to go in well, not leak and come out painlessly. Too much to ask?

Wishing there was a chart to find the perfect cup for the individual.

I believe I need a smaller circumference cup, softer and with greater capacity, any recommends?

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