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SUCCESS!!!! But also mom troubles....

Ok, so if you've read my previous post, I mentioned in the comments that I managed to get my divacup in and had an entire night with no leaks. However, I had some stem difficulty after putting it in and it took the entire night for that to disappear. Well I'm happy to say that I wore the cup another night with no leaks, and after having the same issue with the stem but realizing I could trim it and still be able to remove the cup, I took it out this morning, trimmed a little bit off the stem, and put it back in.

This morning was my first change and the stem is now trimmed up to just below the last rib on the stem. I'd trimmed it before but not much as I was scared I'd need it since I hadn't been able to get it in fully before. Now I can't even feel it... and if I do it's only a slight tickle of the stem within the first few minutes after insertion.

Removal's still a pain... I feel like there's barely enough room to get in there... and I have to refold the cup during removal to get it to the entrance and have it expand to catch what I'm squeezing out of it by doing that. Is this supposed to happen? I find I'm not as sore as my first shot at "giving birth to the cup", but still.

Overall, I'm very happy with this thing... still pairing it with pads for testing purposes, but seeing as I still haven't had a leak thus far, I'm gonna step down to a panty liner for tonight since these pads are making me sweat like crazy (which is confusing to me as I feel moisture and think I've leaked until I check and there's nothing there XPPP).

Despite my success, my mom doesn't seem to like me using this. She's aware of me using it, and she knows it hasn't leaked, but she seems to think I'll get an infection and that I'm stupid for using it. If she hadn't hid menopause, she says she wouldn't dare stick one in for her period. I'm not expecting to convert her or anything since she doesn't have a period anymore (it'd be kinda pointless at this point), but it pains me to have my mom think I'm stupid or unsanitary for using my cup. Any tips?
Tags: divacup, family & friends, insertion, removal, stem length/trimming, success stories
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