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Smaller cup recommendations?

Hi! This is a very, VERY long post, sorry. I hope the "read more" spoiler works.
I have been with this community for about over a year and a half now, but just recently came back. I hope that I can find helpful advice like before.

I have seen the size chart for cups and many comparison pages, but it is difficult to determine charts and I usually like opinions from users because someone may know what I'm looking for (or if they're looking for the same thing).

[Spoiler (click to open)]
I have a small DivaCup, and without going into too much detail, it was a disaster for me -- I couldn't get it in (when I did, I was met with such ridiculous pain that I got scared off from cups for many months), it was too stiff and very difficult to hold in all folds without hand pain, it popped very suddenly and violently, suction felt extreme, and it was too big (personally).
Then I tried the small Lunette Selene, and while it is a lot easier to hold folds, I still have problems with insertion -- with size but also the violent popping open as well... But still, size is constantly an issue -- sometimes even tampons feel rather big, but I really, really want to like menstrual cups (I am 16, a virgin, my cervix is usually very high as I can't recall reaching it, and my fingers are quite long, so it must be high) I don't know why, but I have not had any luck so far with my cups. I really wish to try another.

I do have a rather heavy flow as well, so I do not think my "ideal" cup exists -- that is, thin/small but not short, and easy to hold all the way through insertion without sudden opening/slippery or violent popping (that happened with my Diva and my Lunette still intimidates me when I accidentally let go and it opens so suddenly, it's sort of scary thinking of it doing that inside of you). Mostly, I want a very small cup, but that might put my moderately heavy flow AND high cervix in jeopardy. It is difficult to choose.

I am a bit interested in the small soft Meluna, but I hear mixed reviews of it (and also I'm afraid it's too short) I've also heard about the LadyCup being small, which I'm looking for, but I also hear that it's similar in size to the small Lunette (which I don't want). Are there any opinions on these, or any others?

I feel like I may be setting up very restrictive standards, but if anyone knows of a cup that may match my description (or knows what I'm trying to look for and can tell me their opinion on it) I would appreciate it very much. I hope there is someone who had searched for the same as me and might be able to share. Thank you.

Thanks a lot!!
Tags: buying decisions, faq, first time use, sizes/size issues

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