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So I'm 20 years old (not a virgin). I've been to this community before and posted but I completely forgot my login info including the email I used so I started a new account.

Anyway, it's been a few years since I tried inserting my diva cup, and after much failure my last time, I finally decided to go back to it. Tonight I attempted to insert it, but I found it hurt and was very uncomfortable put it in. I feel like I'm going backwards cause I've had it in before, although without the correct seal, which made it uncomfortable to wear. Now I can barely stick it in without feeling pain or discomfort.

I think I'm probably afraid of it popping open too soon. I'm currently using the punch down fold and I can't seem to hold it in place whilst trying to shove it up far enough where the sun don't shine. the entire bottom of the cup is still outside my body when this happens.... I've had it pop itself open and slide out in the process. I'm not sure what fold to use really, since the other folds seem complicated to do or I have issues holding the cup in the folded position. Ideally I need something slim at the tip (since I'm having pain issues) that holds together when you hold it from the base.

Anything I can try to make this easier? I figured I'd start now since I'm on my period and it's my last month of vacation before school starts that I can mess with this thing while on my period and not have to go out of my house during this first part of the learning curve when it's most apt to leak due to me getting the seal wrong.

Also, as I'd rather not mess with this too much due to possible leaks while I'm learning when I have to be out of the house for classes and stuff, is there any way anyone would recommend to practice with this thing?
teacupcake89 on August 7th, 2013 04:45 pm (UTC)
it's actually pretty normal for a cup to be higher up after several hours of wear or overnight because cups will ride up to sit underneath your cervix if they can, it just means your cervix is higher than you perhaps thought at first.

not all cups users can reach the stem right away, nor do you need to be able to do so. Use your muscles to bear down like when doing a bowel movement/pretend you are giving birth to the cup by pushing in several separate pushes and try to reach further inside with a finger to drag it down or press one side inwards as you push.

giving yourself time to have breakfast/walk around etc may help it move down a little bit, try to relax and go and do something relaxing if it doesn't come out right away. Bear in mind that almost everyone has a moment (or moments) in the beginning when it's really difficult to get out and think they might need to go to A&E... fear not you just need to relax, you'll get loads better/quicker at insertion and removal with practice.

the light leakage is probably slobber like you said or just because you've had it in for 7 hours and it's full!

did you manage to get it out?
divagirl98 on August 7th, 2013 05:37 pm (UTC)
Not yet! Its still paired with a pad and I got 2 more hours until the 12 hours is up so I'm not too worried. Just got home from running an errand, so ima try again in a moment. I think I might cut my nails shorter first tho... avoid unnessesary pinching should my vaginally be like "no.... Mine" xP