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Another struggling first time user - cup popping open too quickly

Hi there,

So like several others, I am a first-time cup user having issues with insertion. For background - I'm fairly petite, heavy flow, 26, not a virgin, but I've had trouble inserting tampons in the past so I've always avoided them. After doing some research last month, I settled on a small Fleurcup, which seemed to make most sense for me, but I'm getting really disheartened by all the trouble with trying to get the darned thing in.

Specifically, my Fleurcup is popping open before it's even half-way in, which makes things really uncomfortable and painful. I've experimented with a few different folds (C fold, punched down, triangle, origami, labia), staying relaxed, deep slow breathing, taking breaks and trying again later, but nothing seems to work :( I really want this to work for me, but I don't really want to spend the entire day in the bathroom forcing it in.

Any advice as to what I might be doing wrong? Did I buy the wrong cup?

Also - I'm on my period right now, so I don't think being lubricated enough is the problem at all.
Tags: first time use, fleurcup, insertion - folding methods, insertion - painful or problems, popping open

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