cinnamonnutmeg (cinnamonnutmeg) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Help selecting a cup...

Hey y'all :) I posted my tale of woe here two years ago, about trying to use a cup with the tricky combination of a very low cervix and a heavy flow. I since got pregnant and had another baby :) and have had a few postpartum cycles. I basically decided that the leakage with the Keeper is an acceptable amount and it otherwise works fine. I made some cloth pads as backup and am basically content with it. But I would like to try another cup, to see if I can find something that will work better for me.

So I now know my specifications pretty clearly:

I need a cup that is short and narrow/tapered at the bottom (unlike the Fleurcup.... which was a serious fail), but with as high a capacity as possible. I would also like to try a cup that is softer than the Keeper, because I get pretty sore from all the insertions and removals with the Keeper... which is kind of like getting punched in the you know what when it opens.

Suggestions? Or at least links to up-to-date comparison charts/photos? TIA!

Update: I discovered the Cuplee and it looks perfect. I just ordered one. Thanks everyone!

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