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03 August 2013 @ 11:41 pm
Hey guys ! I just purchased a Diva Cup model 1 today. I am on day one of my period, and my periods are usually average. Not to heavy but certainly not light.

I am 15 (nearly 16) and still a virgin.I wouldn't say im extra "tight" but i am pretty tight, the most i can get in there is two fingers. But i dont do that very often. I tried inserting the diva cup today with the punch down fold, i like the punch down fold definitely because it is so easy inserting. I do have a problem with it opening up completely, I put it in and moved my finger around and i could feel that it isnt open completely it was like squished a bit. I thought maybe my vagina was just narrow, so i just let it go. It was comfortable after i got used to it, at first it felt like i always had to pee. That was annoying, and when i did pee it stung my vaginal entrance. Then it got better. I think it's cause of all the irritation and fidgiting i did down there. When i went to take it out, i like flexed and relaxed my muscles to move it down and then i reached in and grabbed the base. And that's when i knew it didnt work, because there was leakage all in my vagina and on my panties, and just a bit of blood inside of the cup. So i need tips on preventing leakage.

SO my main questions are:

1. Tips with the punch down fold on how to get it to open up completely? And please be very descriptive, i'm new to all this lol.

2. How do you remove it without spilling the contents inside?

3. I live in Canada, and I can't find any other brands in the stores except Diva Cup. SO what do i do if this one isn't right for me? and how do i know if it isnt right for me?

4. Will masturbating before insertion help?

5. Will my vagina always be irritated and sore after insertion every time?

Thanks guys, your comments are greatly appreciated !
kimmiekinz07kimmiekinz07 on August 4th, 2013 05:40 pm (UTC)
Yeah i tried it again before i went to bed! and i inserted it with the punch down fold facing downward opposed to upward and it popped right open! But at first i could feel it and i hated it, but then i fell asleep and woke up and couldn't feel a thing! And i went to the washroom and was like, it probably leaked all over my pad. NOPE it was so cool. But then when i pulled it out it was like i committed murder lol. Blood went evvveeerrryywheere. Yeah that was fun -_-. I'm going to try the cold water thing, never though of that. Thank you so much :)
twilight_girl20 on August 4th, 2013 05:45 pm (UTC)
You're welcome, another thing I forgot to add is that if you make sure one of the air holes is inside the fold that helps it pop open better to :)

And you could always take it out in the shower to avoid a mess while you learn to take it out :)