frenchthellamaa (frenchthellamaa) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Decisions decisions

Since lurking on this community for about a year and a half, I think I might get one.

I'm 16 and virgin. I still have my hymen (I think, but I might have torn it while experimenting with size super tampons, whoops) and I can't fit more than a finger in there. But menstrual cups sound sooooooooo much better than pads or tampons (and will save me $$$ per year, always a plus).

I know that I have an average length vagina (~3 inches or so cuz that's how long my finger is). I'm unsure about the position of my cervix, but the last time I checked while I was menstruating, I could reach it with my middle finger. I've used tampons on and off but only when I run, and generally have stuck to pads.

I don't have a heavy flow, so capacity isn't too big of an issue. Average length of period is around 6-7 days.

So far considering the Sckoon cup, Lady Cup, Mooncup UK, or Lunette, but leaning more towards the Sckoon Cup (since it's based in the US).

What do you think? Agree/disagree? All suggestions would be great! :D

EDIT: Narrowed it down to Sckoon and LadyCup. Convinced my parents. All that's left is to decide. Help!
Tags: age, brand comparisons, buying decisions, hymen, sckooncup, virginity

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