kayleyg (kayleyg) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New to menstral cups.

Hi there, I am new to the concept of a menstral cup and have read a lot of information.

There are a few questions, mainly with removal. What I have heard read so far is you are meant to grab the cup to pull it out. Grabbing to me, means using a whole hand, like grabbing a tennis ball, or using fingers to grab a pen. Given the cup is inside the vagina, I am not entirely sure what is meant by grab to break the seal.

Do you slide one finger inside and along the cup to break the seal? Do you use two fingers to squeeze the bottom of the cup to break to seal?

Is it possible for someone to give quite a descriptive detail on how to remove the cup?

Also I am 37 and have no kids. I also have issues with wearing tampons and pulling them out, which i find to be quite painful, so I am wondering if the smaller cup would be better for me. Tampons seem to push against my cervix and create a dull pain.

Being from Australia I have the main options of the Juju, Lunette and Diva cup I believe. I am leaning more towards the Juju, because i like their commitment to natural first. Only i have read it is really hard to get the seal to break and not ideal for newbies, so the Lunette is my second option.

Any thoughts, ideas and recommendations for a complete newbie are most appreciated.

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