A thing of such beauty must be called love. (electrakitty74) wrote in menstrual_cups,
A thing of such beauty must be called love.

Hey y'all. I'm 38, never had kids and I've only rarely used tampons, because they just aren't especially comfortable for me. My flow's probably medium (usually only one really heavy day), and usually lasts 4-5 days. I've been trying to get pregnant (with no success) and have used the instead cups for that purpose. i really liked them for that, but when I tried to use them for my period, I find that my vagina swells far too much and it becomes difficult to get them to seat correctly. Many times they slide out, or if not, they're just terribly uncomfortable(again, they work just fine with no discomfort when I'm not on my period). I tried buying a small-sized Luna cup a few months ago, but despite everyone (especially customer service, who were nice but essentially told me I wasn't trying hard enough) telling me that I'd get used to it, i just couldn't. My vaginal tissues continued to swell and the cup was just plain uncomfortable, giving me nasty cramps. When I practiced inserting it when I was off my period, I really had no trouble at all. Also, getting it out was a problem because it was so firmly stuck that it ended up acting like a plunger (gross, I know. It wasn't making me real happy either). I'd like to use a cup, but I have no idea how to know if it will work before shelling out the money for it. Is there a cup which is smaller in diameter than Luna's small? Thanks in advance for the advice :)
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