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I posted a few months ago about my first week and time with the menstrual cup and finally this past week I was able to use through the entire week the menstrual cup without the necessity of going back to the pads. As you remember it was a struggle for me to remove it on public bathroom, leaks and cramps. I still get the discomfort specially during my 1st day of the cycle and the last 3 days. I cut the stem but still I have this sensation of pressure around the entrance of the vagina or even some rubbing sensation when is all inside no peaking at all. Do you gals get the sensation of the cup going down when you are having bowl movement and urinating?

I still get leaks but that I think it will be normal because of my huge amounts of cloats during the period, I am aware that for those days I will need a bigger cup if I do not want to change it that often. What are your recommendations for sensitive people like on the light days? I am currently using the divacup 1. Still discovering and getting use to the cup but I need it to come here and share the good news of being able to use it for the entire week!
Tags: bowel movements, brand comparisons, buying decisions, chafing/irritation, continuous use, environmental impact, success stories
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