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Where am I going wrong??? So frustrated, help please!

I will try to keep my story short. First, thanks to anyone reading this that can offer me a suggestion or help. I tried my first menstrual cup for my cycle at the beginning of July. I had been thinking about trying this, since having children tampons leak all over or I have to wear 3 at a time to even catch my flow. I still was having to wear a pad for back up. Worse yet was at night when a pad would leak all over, ruining my sheets! So the cup I was sure going to be for me.

I purchase the Mooncup (usa) from a reputable online retailer. I had no problem getting it in or having it unfold. I thought this in fantastic! Until, the stem kept poking my labia so terrible. I kept trimming it and thought that would fix my issue. I always felt the cup pushing out. It was like my vagina was spitting it out! Sorry, but I am so frustrated. Upon reading, I tried different folds, pushing it up high enough, twisting it to make it seal, turning it inside out, but still it works it's way out. The most it has stayed up where it belongs is about 10 mins. Reading some more, I began to think I might have purchased the wrong cup for me. I thought it must be too long. I have 3 children, ages 9, 7 and 2. So, started to think maybe my vaginal muscles need work and I should try a cup more designed for weak muscles. So since the beginning of July I have been doing kegel exercises.

I was so certain that when my next cycle came around I would be able to use a cup. On top of the kegel exercises, I bought 2 cups from the Meluna website. The MeLuna combi-pack, which included the MeLuna classic size L and the Meluna Mini M. These are supposed to be perfect for the mom who has weakened muscles and had vaginal births. I was really sure the Meluna mini would work because it was shorter. Again, no problems with getting it in or folded. It just won't stay up. It keeps slipping/pushing out of my vagina. I tried inserting on the toilet, in the shower, laying on my back, it just won't stay in. What or where am I going wrong?

Now I am on the other end of it thinking maybe my muscles are too strong??? How can you tell? My guy doesn't complain, so I can't even ask him! LOL I am very active. I am about 5'8" and 135 pounds. I worked out steadily before my kids with weights and cardio. I have been hit or miss with exercise now but still manage to maintain. Right, now I am biking and thinking of weight training again.

This would be a great thing if I could just get it to stay put. Sorry, for long post and if I gave too much info. Just really want to figure it out. Then I can pass this info on to my own daughters!! My mom never told me anything. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you all.

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