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From Lurker to Believer :D

Soooo....  Ive been lurking for a while and doing a lot of research on menstrual cups.  I over-research EVERYTHING, its one of my better qualities.
Ive never been a fan of tampons,  and pads are always just a mess - literally.

Well I took the plunge and bought a Sckoon cup (small).   I had narrowed it down to a Meluna M, Lunette S, or the Sckoon cup I ended up with.  I could NOT be happier with my choice.  The reason I liked the Sckoon cup was because the shape looked more natural (no clue if it actually is), all of the reviews I read had good things to say, and the fact it had the little grippys on the bottom of the outside to make retrieval easier if you cut off the stem.
Surprisingly the stem doesnt bother me at all!!

It arrived about halfway through my cycle,  just past my heaviest day.   Amazingly I got it in and to pop open pretty easily!!  This cup is a bit tricky to keep folded during insertion,  but the trade off is that it pops open super easily once inside.  I managed to get it in and seemingly in the right place within just a couple minutes.  No leakage yet (3 days of use).  Im super stoked about it,  One of the times I put it back in,  I could feel the stem, but only because my cervix was SUPER low.   Which is really strange for my body.  I cut about half the stem off,  now its perfect.  It hasnt been the slightest bit uncomfortable.   I can not give good enough reviews of it!!

My flow has been very light though.   The cup was smaller then I had expected,  but I had not seen any in person.  In some of the pictures they look HUGE!  I was slightly intimidated until I got it in the mail  (I ordered it on Amazon).  

One question though.   When mine pops open,  the top is completely open and my cervix just barely sits inside it,  BUT the bottom of my c-fold at the base of the cup doesnt pop all the way out.   Its like there isnt enough air inside it.  Is this common? Is this bad?   It hasnt leaked,  but my flow has been barely there.  

Also,  removal was a little harder to figure out than insertion,  but I managed.   The great thing about this cup is that it doesnt have that ridge to scrape like I had seen so many people complain about.  Its somehow extremely soft,  but yet rigid in its shape (does that even make sense?).  I was impressed the learning curve wasnt as bad as I had thought.  I was seriously concerned about not being able to figure it out.  Being very comfortable with your body definitely helps.   Cant be scared to get your fingers up in there and see whats happening.   XD

Im probably going to try the lunette or meluna as well so I have a back up,   any recommendations?

Thank you for all the help and support you have provided!!  I dont forsee ever using tampons again!!  WWHHHOOOOHOOOOO
Tags: buying decisions, first time use, insertion, popping open, removal, sckooncup, success stories

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