elisamba (elisamba) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Internal anatomy 101 (maybe TMI?)

Hi all! So since starting MCs it goes without saying I am noticing a lot more about my internal anatomy. I get the pubic bone and cervix, TMI I notice definite change in my bowels towards the back/bottom whether they are full or not, and my bladder towards the top/front is often very soft. Does anyone know what is on either SIDE of the vagina? I've noticed that the side walls also seem to change in hardness and TMI "protrusion" into the vagina - while I get this for my bowels, I don't get it for the sides of the vagina. Or is the vagina surrounded by bowels on all sides? Thanks :-) I hope the tags are ok - I would have chosen "diagrams" but I don't have one :-(
Tags: bowel movements, insertion, urination
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