jpickner (jpickner) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Troubleshooting, new to menstrual cups

Hello all. Looking for some support and advice. I ordered my first menstrual cup, a medium size MeLuna Classic and it arrived in the mail this morning. I'm not menstruating currently, but I decided to try a "dry run" to get a sense of how to use it, the general feeling and what to expect. My issue is that whatever fold I use (the "punch down" fold seems the most comfortable for insertion) it won't unfold or "open up" once inside. I've tried reaching inside and wiggling it around and twisting it (though I can't get it to budge much) it to no avail. Nothing seems to get it to "pop open". It's also quite uncomfortable to insert. Any suggestions? I tried taking it out and re-inserting so many times I became quite sore. I'm disappointed b/c I've been SO EXCITED to make the switch. Do you think it's an issue of size? Firmness? Simple user error? Any thoughts on this would be GREATLY appreciated.

Additional info: I'm 25, sexually active, have not had children, and have no previous experience using menstrual cups.
Tags: dry run, insertion - folding methods, meluna, popping open
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