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Keeper inquiries

I adore my Keeper. I've been using it for three cycles, and now it's time for the question and answer portion of our program:

Q: On occasion, I use my Keeper for breakthrough bleeding. During those times, I have to empty it very infrequently. I like being able to forget about it for long periods of time, but is it unhealthy to leave it in for 24 hours or so? I ask because it seems as though the vag ought to have at least a minute or two when it's unobstructed.

Q: Similarly, during my period, I've found that I can empty my Keeper every 12 hours. Sometimes, if I'm busy, I leave it in a bit longer. Yes, this sometimes results in unfortunate leaks, but is it unhealthy as far as letting blood pool up in there? (Does that make sense?)

Q: I have mild Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which is worse during my period. Consequently, there are some days when I'm pooping a lot. That bearing down makes my Keeper travel down closer to my vaginal entrance, so I usually end up removing it several times a day so that I can poop, which is inconvenient. Are there any tricks that I could use to prevent this?

Q: When I remove my Keeper, it comes with a mucus-y string of blood that it pulls out, and then the string ends up hanging out of me, which makes for some messy bathroom clean ups. Again, any tips or tricks?

Thanks muchly.

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