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Pain Problems

Hi everyone,
I have searched long and hard on this forum to try to find the answer to my problems but nothing seems to quite fit.
I got my first cup, a Divacup size A. I am 30, never had children, and haven't been sexually active for years (I don't know if that matters).
It took a while but after reading this forum I finally got the Diva in and it seemed fine. It rode up a bit but other than that the placement was fine, except for the fact that it pressed so hard on my bladder that it was excruciating!
So I thought that maybe I need something that is softer. So, I again checked the chart and decided on the SiBelle, size small. I got it and have just tried it out during my period. After inserting the Diva about a hundred times I think I have insertion down pat. The SiBelle goes in fine (I insert sitting on the toilet pushing it straight in, not up), it opens up right away and has suction. The problem I'm having is that at first I can get in in the perfect position but then I walk around a bit and it rides up, up, up and hurts horribly! I felt that it was probably pressing on my cervix it had gone so high and maybe there was suction too, I don't know. After I took it out I hurt very badly, five hours later I'm still hurting but getting back to normal. My cervix is not low and is in the "normal" position. When I am on my period I can just barely feel it with my index finger if I push it all the way in, so I would say it's probably about 3-3.5 inches from the opening. I don't know if the Diva would cause this pain too because I couldn't bare to keep it in that long to find out.
If I try a cup that is wider will it not ride up so much?
I'm afraid of trying the SiBelle again because the pain was so bad and lasted so long afterwards.
I appreciate any advice you can give me!
Tags: insertion - painful or problems, si-bell

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