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Confused about the cervix, etc. (from a virgin with short fingers)

I am a cloth pad user who might be interested in a cup for those times when I would normally use a tampon. I am not yet convinced that I could actually get a cup in there, but I'm intrigued--especially by the new-to-the-U.S. femmycycle. I am in my 30s, but I am a virgin. I also have super small hands. My longest fingers are only about 2 1/4 inches long with, of course, a smaller length than that available for actually probing.

I see people here saying that the cervix will feel like the tip of your nose or like a hard bump (and immediately beyond this bump would be the opening to the uterus). I do have a very noticeable hard bump on my vaginal wall *less than 3/4 of an inch in*. Insofar as my tiny finger will go, I CAN put the finger in higher than the bump (note that I absolutely cannot put two fingers in ANYwhere). So I don't think my uterus immediately follows this bump unless the uterus has an opening wide enough for a small finger (?).

So what is this noticeably hard bump? Is that indeed the sign of a freakishly low cervix? (If so, should I be worried? E.g., would it effect my ability to have sex in the future or to carry a baby without pre-term birth?) If this bump has nothing to do with the cervix, then I guess it is impossible for me to know if I have a low, medium, or high cervix for lack of finger length. (How do women with anything but low cervixes ever feel their cervix, I wonder; my fingers may be small, but it seems ultra-long fingers would be required?) Anyhow, if I do not know what kind of cervix I have, I guess it would also be impossible to know what length of cup I need? (I would still tend assume small just b/c my torso is disproportionately short for my body.) I did try to have a female exam once but was too tight. Since my complaint was an exterior rash, we just dealt with that, and the doctor told me not to bother with an exam in the future until I am sexually active.

Finally, if I can only stick my finger roughly one inch inside of me due to my finger only being 2 inches long, would it even be feasible to use a cup? Offhand, it would seem not to me. So maybe all my research was in vain? TIA!
Tags: cervix position, virginity

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