Amanda Sydnor (tokeytokey) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Amanda Sydnor

need a wider cup or a stiffer lip? or both?

This is only my third cycle using the cup, but I'm still having a rather large issue. I currently use a Klassic Medium MeLuna Mini. My cervix is low, so I cut the stem, and it suddenly seems to find its comfy spot very easily, so I'm very happy about that! However, I leak constantly. The cervical os is covered, the cup is secure in it's comfy spot, and it is fully open and filled with air. I feel very secure about using the cup, but only with a pad on. Defeats the purpose, right? ;) Anyway, every time I move, I get bubbles and some leakage (and sometimes a lot of leakage). Is that normal? I mean, it's not because the cup is full, either, and I'm not doing gymnastics or anything. I'm talking about shifting my weight from one side to the other while sitting on the couch and there it goes! So, I'm thinking I need either a wider cup, a cup with a stiffer lip, or both. Does that make sense or is there something else I should do to make the seal stay?

Assuming I need a wider cup...Suggestions? I can't go much longer than what I have, which complicates things. I am thinking about... a L sckoon or femmecup?
Tags: femmecup, leakage & spotting, meluna, sckooncup, seal & suction

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