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Hi!  I'm looking into getting a cup, but I'm a little overwhelmed by all the information on sizecharts.  (I know, I know... despite being a visual learner in pretty much every other way, charts aren't really my strong point, haha.)  So I figured I'd ask for some help.

19, sexually active but no children/never been pregnant.  My cervix is about medium height during my period, maybe a little on the high side—when I put a tampon in, the string hangs out about two inches.  (ETA: I'm on my period so I just checked again.  My middle finger, about 8cm long, juuuuust reaches my cervix.)

I just went back on the Pill for the first time in about four years, so I'm still waiting to see how my period will change.  Typically, my flow is no heavier than two super tampons in a day, although sometimes it would get super heavy for no reason.  The last time I was taking birth control, my periods got noticeably lighter, so I'm hoping that's the case this time around, but I'd like to have something that holds more rather than less, just in case they don't.

Thanks in advance!  So glad I discovered this community; you guys are great. :)
Tags: age, buying decisions, cervix position, first time use

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