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Lunnete ridges at the bottom iritation

So I got my first cup in April, the Lunette Large. I never really had an issue with it until now. Obviously it took me a little while to get it right but after i got it in right a few times I fell in love. Well I've been on a quest for losing weight for about 3 months now. But my main exercise routine was Zumba. All was fine. And then I took up running and OMG I ran two miles with my lunette in and I was soooo swollen and itchy irritated down there! I figure it's because running is a little more intense maybe????Not sure but the ridges at the bottom of my cup have chafed me raw down there. I tried turning it in side out and some how it got stuck up in there up side down stuck to my cervix! YIKES! I did manage to get it out though but will never try that again because it scared me so bad! I'm looking for some cups without ridges.... and maybe some input on them. I'm thinking about a Ladycup but I've heard from reviews that they are a lot harder to remove than most. Are there any women out there with simiar issues with Lunette? And what brands could be recommended?
Tags: chafing/irritation, lunette, sports/physical activities

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