Becky (smor) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Dumb newbie question--it won't stay in!

I hope this hasn't been asked before--I've been looking back in the FAQ and haven't found anything related to my particular problem, so I apologize in advance if I missed it.

Anyway, I'm obviously new to using these. I'm 32, recently married, was a virgin until then, no kids/pregnancies. I never had any luck with tampons growing up, because they always leaked. I've never been diagnosed with it for certain, but I'm pretty sure it's a tilted uterus thing.  I did use homemade cloth pads for several years, but decided to stop using them a few months before the wedding. (At the risk of TMI, I could never get them to smell clean no matter how long I washed or soaked them, and my now-husband has a dog that likes to steal small things from the laundry. All sorts of embarrassment potential there.) I got a small Lunette cup to try out, and so far, I have had zero luck with it. I tried to insert it several times before the wedding and it was just way too painful. I finally picked it up for the first time again today. The good news is that I did actually manage to get it in this time. The bad news is that it immediately pushed itself back out as soon as it popped open.  I know my vaginal muscles are still pretty tight and resistant to anything going in, based on how other things are going so far (TMI again, sorry), so any suggestions on how to get it in and keep it there? (Or just relaxing in general to make insertion easier?)

Thanks in advance for the help.
Tags: age, first time use, insertion - painful or problems, lunette, sexual activity, tilted uterus
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