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Made in China No Name $10 Ebay cup

The Made in China No Name $10 Ebay cup

Please note that there is a very bad smell that I cannot get rid of. I tried soaking in lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda+ water, vinegar, and boiling with lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda.... The stink is still there.

Cup next to its soaking container, a perfectly sized chewing gum box.

Comparison to Fleurcup S, because out of the ones I have, the Fleur is the closest to it. See how the ridges on the Fleur (clear) are much more pronounced than on the No name (pink)?

1) It is squishy and springy, about as soft as the Fleurcup S, maybe a tiny bit softer, because the walls of the cup are noticeably thinner than the Fleurcup's - the rim is also thinner.

2) About the same capacity as Fleurcup S

3) Same dimensions as Fleucup S

5) Much nicer, softer tab and less pronounced ridges on the Ebay cup

6) Two holes

7) lesser quality workmanship - edges not all filed down.

Until I get rid of the smell, I won't try it on, so if I get rid of the smell, I'll update this post.
Out of the two, I much prefer the feel of the Fleurcup, which I have fallen head over heels in love with after my initial issues I had with it.

After almost 4 weeks, I finally received my Meluna order, so some comparion pics:

Left to right: Meluna mini S soft, Meluna mini S classic, Meluna S classic, the Ebay cup, Fleurcup S with stem cut back, Meluna M soft.

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