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Jennifer Mo

Rainbow Cup!

So, I bought a Rainbow Cup on impulse from AliExpress (, and it came today. I was pleasantly surprised. It doesn't seem to be a knock-off of any other cup and seems to be of better quality than the Jasmine Cup I bought a while ago. I think this could turn out to be a good, inexpensive (price has gone up from $10 to $16 with free shipping) cup for people looking for a soft, V-shaped cup with decent capacity and grips.
rainbow cup
The Rainbow Cup comes in a glossy white box with a striped cotton pouch and instruction sheet. I got the smaller size in cyan. Measurements look very similar to the small LadyCup; stem is just a little longer.

  • Measurements given on the box (size small): 40mm by 70mm, capacity 20ml (just checked this against my small Lunette; looks like it holds just a smidge less, but definitely more than a small LadyCup because of the hole placement)

  • Grips: 3 rings around base and 4 rings around stem. Not quite as raised as FleurCup, but quite grippy.

  • Holes: 2. Medium sized. No side seams.

  • Finish: peachskin. "Rainbow" in small raised letters on the inside rim.

  • Stem: solid, fairly firm. This might bother me. We'll see.

  • Rim: slightly flared, but more subtle than LadyCup, Lunette, or Fleur. A little sharp (the mold meets at the rim), but not too bad. Top 1/3 of cup is slightly firmer than the rest

  • Softness: quite soft, a little firmer than the Cuplee, but softer than the small FleurCup. I doubt I'll have trouble getting it to pop open.

It does smell like new plastic. I'll give it a water bath and sunning and see if that takes care of it. But overall, first impressions of this cup are pretty good. I'll report back when I've had a chance to try it. :-)

rainbow 002
Small clear Lunette with stem trimmed, small natural LadyCup, small cyan Rainbow Cup, small green FleurCup
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