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16 July 2013 @ 08:55 pm
Hi everyone. I have a burning question on my mind this week, as I am a cup user and I got treated for gonorrhea yesterday. I am in the middle of my cycle. After each period, I rub my cup down twice in alcohol and wash it with soap and water, but I'm afraid that when my next period comes later this month, I may re-infect myself. I have a small Lunette.

Is this at all possible? I'm going to boil the hell out of it anyway and clean it again, but what is the real risk here?
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mercy rainmercy_rain on July 17th, 2013 12:39 pm (UTC)
N. gonorrhea doesn't survive well outside the human body. If you've cleaned with alcohol and are going to boil it and let it dry, there's basically no possible way it can re-infect you.

pineapplewhippineapplewhip on January 20th, 2014 06:32 pm (UTC)
I'd get a new one!
There is no way I'd use the old one again just in case.