kiba_koumori (kiba_koumori) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Those who never get their panties please? [Slightly TMI]

I saw that some of you never get your undies stained at all since using the cup. Any advice for me?

NOTE: I have heavy period on the first 2 days. So they would leak on those days when full.

To avoid leak I would have to empty is about every 2 hours; this I understand, but how do you manage to not get any staining after emptying and reinserting without using liners?
[TMI warning!!!:::Is it because my labia minora is an "outie"? is it because I have low cervix??]

I have used Ladycup, both sizes. Both leak. I can never let it fill passed halfway, otherwise it leaks.

I now use Sckoon cup, which should have more capacity, I can't let it flow over midway either. So the higher holes do not help.

So yeah, my problem is not really about leaking (it is inevitable for the first 2 days), but how can you manage to avoid staining at all? Blood stain is really hard to get rid of. Just want to avoid staining besides having to us a panty liner because it is such a waste.

Thanks :)
Tags: lady cup, leakage & spotting, sckoon

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